Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First Amazon Review of Rough Justice!

The first review of Rough Justice has gone up on Amazon - and it's five stars. Whew! There is another review showing (four stars) but it's actually for Live Fire!

Anyway, here's the first review, hopefully the first of many -

He's done it again!, 5 July 2010

By Mooky

This review is from: Rough Justice (Dan Shepherd Mystery) (Paperback)

I am a big Stephen Leather fan and have followed Dan "Spider" Shephard from his first appearence in Hard Landing. My favourite book in this series so far has been Soft Target, which was my first ever book by this author and it had me gripped from the start.

I was worried that this book was covering very similar ground and was just a re-jig of a story already done... However I was pleased to see I was wrong and it was a different path to that book. I wont go over the plot in too much detail as I don't want to give any spoilers but suffice to say it takes some interesting twists and continues the prose very nicely.

I was really dis-appointed when Mike "Joker" Cramer was killed off in a previous series of books and I hope Mr Leather doesn't make the same mistake again..!? The ending of this leads nicely into a different path for the characters and could really refresh the series.

My only gripe is having a chapter of Nightfall at the back of the book... Why!? I have that book and really enjoyed it but don't see the point of this other than a marketing ploy?

But apart from that another top read 5 stars - keep them coming!!

Mr Leather I know you read these reviews, I know the Shephard series is popular but I also loved one offs like the tunnel rats and birthday girl, are there any "ones offs" due out and also when is the next Nightingale book due out??

Mooky is right, there are similarities between Soft Target and Rough Justice - rogue cops - but the story is very different. And I also hope the change in Shepherd's career will refresh the series. I certainly won't be killing him off.

I am thinking about doing a one-off thriller as Mooky suggests. I love the Shepherd series but I also enjoy the challenge of starting a story from scratch! They are hard work but very satisfying, and The Tunnel Rats is one of my favourite books.

The chapter of Nightfall is at the back of Rough Justice as a way of introducing the character to readers who didn't buy the book when it came out this year!


Greg.Study said...

Steven great books, I love your work. Please please can we have Private Dancer as an audio book? That would be fantastic.

neil said...

Hi Stephen, as I am unable to comment on Live Fire I will do it here. Here is an e-mail I have sent to Hodder FYI.

Dear Sirs and Stephen Leather,

I have just started reading Live Fire by Stephen Leather and I am horrified by the unprofessional proof reading. I have got to page 17 and you can't decide weather the character Crompton has a son or a daughter that has been held hostage, then on page 20 the caracters Knight, McMullen and Marker put their weapons in the boot of Barrett's ear....... You are a publishing house? You are an "English" publishing house? How could Stephen Leather allow this sloppy editing, or does he not care. I have looked for an e-mail for Stephen Leather but he obviously does not like to here what his readers think.

The fact that by page 20 there are these unnecessary errors, I wonder how many more there will be in the following 448 pages. I do believe as a publisher you should make a bit more effort in giving your reading public a quality product..... VALUE FOR MONEY......

As I was not able to send this to the author I hope you send it on to him and I hope he has a few words with the boss of Hodder.

Neil Haigh
083 862 5163

Stephen Leather said...

Hi Greg, Yeah, I'll see if I can persuade Isis to issue Private Dancer as an audio book.

Neil, I'll answer this through my blog today!