Monday, June 7, 2010

Midnight Cover

Hodder are working on the cover of the new Jack Nightingale book - Midnight - which will be published in January next year.


Anonymous said...

Looking good.

Will you be publishing on iBooks in the future?

I bought Private Dancer from the Kindle app and was a bit disappointed it didn't have the extra bits at the end. Might be something to keep at the back of your mind if starting to publish to ebooks.

P.S. The wife want to know why I paid for an ebook when I've got the free pdf. "So the fecker can eat" was my reply. That got me a tut, so cheers, Leather. Cheers for that ;-)

esallett said...

I read Nightfall in one day! no idea how to leave you a real comment so i had to comment on this!

What inspirers you to write your books?
and i saw that The Bombmaker was made into a production, is there anywhere I can get this from as it was the first of your books I read and got me into reading all of your others! :)

Unknown said...

Mi Nombre es Cristian Aravena, soy de Chile y fanatico de las Naciones Unidas de libros Tus, tres lamentablemente Han llegado traducidos en solitario de Títulos Tus, un sable, El Infiltrado, y El Terrorista Furia en la sangre, Todos buenisimos y Redacción Con Una trepidante, La Cual no permite Dejar de leer.
Ojala sí tradujeran Tus Otras publicaciones al español.

Mis felicitaciones

Stephen Leather said...

Hi Esallett,

Money is the best inspiration! But I write thrillers because they are the sort of books I enjoy reading. The Bombmaker became a made for TV movie on Sky One but so far it hasn't been released on DVD, which is a pity!

Hola Cristian,

Estoy muy contento de que haya disfrutado de mis libros. Espero que más se traducirá al español pronto!

Mis mejores deseos,


Mike Smithson said...

Just finished reading Nightfall.

This book will not be going to the charity shop, it's staying in my bookcase.

Roll on January.