Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nightfall Is Selling Well

The mass market paperback of Nightfall is selling well in the UK = Hodder sold more than five thousand copies in the first four days, which is good going! I'm Asda's author of the week, which is cool.

I finished the final draft of the sequel tonight - it'll be called Midnight, it's 108,000 words long and I think it's great. It'll be published in January next year.

I'm getting good feedback from readers, which is nice. Just got this email from Scott Davis -

I just picked up Nightfall the other day while browsing through a new book to read, so i saw Nightfall sitting on the shelf and just decided to buy it on impulse. Went home and read it and i can't put it down! seriously it's awesome. I have only eer heard of you before, you're other books aren't really my type i like supernatural thrillers etc so picking up nightfall has been a real treat.

I have a few questions about it i was wondering if you could answer for me.

1. what was your inspiration for the character of Jack Nightingale? (he reminds me a bit of Spike from Buffy the vampire slayer tv series)

2. Well his smoking habits and views on them, i was wondering if you share the same views? like how he mentions how he would have to fine himself in his own work place.

3. Is there going to be a new Jack Nightingale book anytime soon? (haven't finished Nightfall yet but getting there would still love to read more of him)

I hope you can answer these for me and i hope you enjoy having a new reader.

P.S Do you like Thai movies?

Good questions!

The inspiration for Jack Nightingale? I think subconsciously it was Mickey Rourke from that great movie Angel Heart. Crossed with the Hellraiser comic books. Definitely not the Constantine movie, though, Funny,. I hadn't thought of Spike but yes, that is I guess how I picture him, pretty much!

I've never smoked, but am starting to wish that I was a smoker just so that I could confront the anti-smoking Nazis. I think it is pretty terrible the way that we persecute smokers. And the health Nazis are now starting on alcohol and fatty food. Too many idiots are trying to tell us how to live our lives and I'm fed up with it!

I've just finished the sequel to Nightfall - to be called Midnight - and I have the third book, Nightmare, already plotted out. It has a killer of an ending!

Thai movies - they're okay, but I prefer Hong Kong gangster films! The Pang brothers' Bangkok Dangerous (not the Nicholas Cage version) was good....


Scott Davis said...

Thanks for answering my questions Stephen xD

Glad to know you picture Jack Nightingale the same way as i do, maybe if it ever gets adapated they can get the same guy to play him!

And yeah the health nazis are annoying, i smoke myself and i find it stupid that i have to go outside in the cold just to have a smoke.

Looking forward to midnight already!

also gotta love HK Gangster films, anything with Simon Yam is pretty good.

Thanks again.

Dave The Rave said...

Hi Steve, I'm pleased to hear that Nightfall is selling well. This makes the critics look very foolish, which they are. These critics are like legless people who are trying to teach you how to be a runner!

Now if 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' teamed up with Jack Nightingale that would be something.

Thai movies are so predictable. People will die, ghosts appear and there are always lady boys as well. Thai comedy is limited to slapstick and again so so predictable. However, I have watched some modern Thai horror movies and the special effects are very good. The Thais are artistic and creative prople, I will give them credit for that.

Wishing you continued success Steve!

Unknown said...

Never actually contacted an author before but figured I ought to in this instance.

Though I already love you as an author (yes I have pretty much everything you've done, The Bombmaker being one of my favourites), I was dubious about you stepping on the well traversed supernatural/magic/fantasy based thrillers.

But oh how wrong I was to worry, superb story telling, superb characters (again) made it such an awesome read.

Top stuff Mr Leather and long may you continue to write engaging stories.

Looking forward to following Jack for a long time to come, and chomping at the bit for #2 as you left it on such a quick ending!!

Stephen Leather said...

Thanks, Matthew!

RobertbEZ said...

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