Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Amazon Review

A second review has gone up on Amazon.co.uk for Nightfall - and it got five stars! Made my day.

Excellent thriller, by one of the best Authors around., 19 Jan 2010
By Red

A different plot, but a very haunting storyline. It could have been written by one of the great horror/ thrillers writers of the last twenty years, King, or James Herbert crossed my mind as I was reading it. I`ve always enjoyed Leather`s writing, and if you are already a fan, then you will love this. If it is your first outing with this author, and you enjoy it, then try the Dan Sheppard series, they are excellent thrillers. Keep the light on when you read this !!!!

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Carolyn said...

I too hope that your new book is as good as ALL of your previous books! It feels like I have been waiting for an eternity for your next book. It is my birthday next month and I am having to restrain myself from buying your book first, there will be trouble if I don't get it!!! I might just leave a review on Amazon!