Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snow In London

It's been snowing in London, which is great so that my daughter Sam gets to play in the snow for the first time ever. The bad news is that I was booked on the Eurostar to Paris just as they cancelled all its services.

At least it's given me the chance to get more work done on the new Jack Nightingale book. I've just hit 47,000 words so I'm on target to finish it by the end of January. It'll probably be called Midnight.... In the book Jack is searching for his sister, whose soul has been sold to a particularly nasty devil. I'm having great fun with it!

The first Nightingale book - NIghtfall - will be on the shelves in four weeks - it'll be interesting to see how it sells because it's very different from my regular thrillers. Fingers crossed.

I hope you all have a great Christmas!


Vivien Johnson said...

Hello Stephen. Just had a mail from Amazon to say 'Nightfall' has been despatched. Yipee! Will stay in a snowbound house and read all day :-) Best wishes Vivien

Stephen Leather said...

Hope you enjoy it Vivien!