Monday, November 2, 2009

New Nightingale Cover

The Hodder creative people have come up with a new cover idea for Nightfall, which will be published early next year. This latest version doesn't have a figure, and I think it looks good. Maybe still some tweaking to do....


Anonymous said...

Hi, Your books are great bt you could add some more authentic (geeky) tracking of mobiles as simply replacing a SIM card is not really sufficient.

Look up IMEI.

Keep up the good work.

Stuart said...

Glad you like it mate.

I made few additional tweaks (it now reads "HELL" on the wall as graffiti.)

It's a pleasure working on your titles (I did 'Live Fire' and 'Rough Justice' plus a whole host of back issues) and I'm been a fan of your work too!

I look forward to seeing the final proofs of Nightfall.

All the best

Stuart Bache

Anonymous said...

Hello Again. Only the commercially aware care about the cover, it is only the content I care about. Have you considered chapters? It spoilt my last holiday as I didn’t leave the room until I had finished it.

To anyone who hasn’t read the back catalogue catch up with the Chinaman!

Anonymous said...

Stephen, I have been flattered by folks saying my own style is a bit like your own. I would not dare to claim such a thing. Not only as I'm a new writer but also keen to have my own style.

Wanted to just connect and respect your work. You are an inspiration.

Heard much about you and have since read a few of your books. I know Phil at Monsoon who rejected me, wise man. But my current publisher MC seem to be OK.

Look forward to your new book and will follow your work. Hope it goes well.

My next one is due out in May 2010.

Best Mark

Anonymous said...

hello there. im your new fan !!,your books are great,the dan spider novels were fantastic,the bombmaker,solitary man,long shot were spot on to.
im currently living in bkk and have been asking asia books and kinokuniya to stock up on your books ,please please can we have some new dan spider ? keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed! My local Waterstones has reduced Stephen Leather's 20 or so books on one shelf to four.

However, the bookseller has also reduced several other famous authors to a smaller presence. George MacDonald Fraser of Flashman fame has also been reduced to four from 20.

Presume, it's a new policy to give other newer authors some space in the UK's leading bookshop. Perhaps Stephen could give some insight as to what's going on and how many books does he sell a year.

Anonymous said...

I've read all your books at least four times and this time of year read the last two in preparation for the February release. I visited your web site and saw a new direction and whilst I'm looking forward to reading it.... what's happening to Dan Shepherd?