Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Shelf To Myself In Bangkok's Kinokuniya Store!

I went into the Kinokuniya bookstore in Bangkok yesterday and saw that they had given my books a shelf of their own. Brilliant!


PCFrankyFact said...

Nowt to do with your shelf exclusivity Stephen. I was just wondering about the make up of Dan Shepherds personality.
I love the novels, they are thoroughly engrossing. As I've said I'm a retired policeman with time on my hands so I find myself analysing Dans personality. He thinks nothing of breaking the rules and the law when it comes to his own life. Getting his mates to bust him out of jail. Covering a the killing of a mobster. Going off on a mission to rescue a former colleague. Using his former colleagues to kill to protect his son from a hitman. Yet he sits in judgement over others in similar circumstances to his own, the cop whose daughter is dying springs to mind and then lets off an armed blagger who helped him take down a terrorist cell. I'd like to see him apply his own situations to the people, particularly the police that he investigates. I look forward after reading the first chapter of Rough Justice to see how this plays out...

Anonymous said...

It's the same at my local Waterstone's. A whole shelf devoted to Stephen Leather's thrillers. Well done. And thoroughly deserved. However, it has to be said that I have never read one. I gave up reading novels 20 years ago. I blame the internet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen,
just recieved in the mail your 2 books. The Vets and Live fire.

Going on holiday tomorrow and "Live Fire " is already in my suitcase.
Not much to do in Angeles but I am sure of a good read. Thanks Stephen.

Marie-louise said...

Well I am glad to see some book shops have a shelf for you every book shop I have gone in only have a couple and they just happen to be the ones I already have.

Personally I cant get enough of your books I read the last Dan Shephard book in 2 and a half days. Hubby wasnt happy due to the lack of house work. lol.

Cant wait for the next Dan Shephard book and looking forward to getting my hands on the Nightingale. Here's hoping they release it before I deploy to Afgan in mid Jan.

Keep up the good work!

Craig Phoenix said...

I am reading Birthday Girl which I am enjoying thoroughly. Found Tango One very good, Double Tap I didn't enjoy as much but still very goood.

I am currently following the route of self publishing my horror novels set in Southend Essex, as per you website I am finding it very difficult to get an agent but I have found that they have returned my submissions albeit with the standard reply letter.

I am currently working on my third book due out next year, I have managed to get my books into Waterstones locally but am struggling to get a more widespread stocking. oh well keep perserveering eh?

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The date in Saturday 26th June any comments or helpful advice would be greatly received.

Thank you very much for your time.

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Craig Phoenix

Anonymous said...

I've got as shelf that looks like that at home! BIG Dan fan!