Friday, May 22, 2009

More Money!

Someone else wants to give me money! It's my lucky year! It's an interesting one, too, not you run-of-the-mill Nigerian scam. Just enough information to get the sucker interested. And it's a Prince, too! Sadly I don't have time to get involved.... I've just hit 71,000 words on the new Spider Shepherd book. Still don't have a title and there are a few holes in the plot! It's moving along well though and there are some very topical plot threads. Dark Justice is my favourite title so far, but that means Light Something next year which isn't too hot....

Chairman Contract Tenders Board
National Electric Regulator

I am delighted to meet your aquiantance, as the chairman of the above board, I crave and solicit your indulgence (personaly or corporately) to be a partner in a transaction that would benefit us mutually, through an over-invoiced contract.

As you are aware the 2010 world cup is around the corner, and this board has awarded a huge contract to boost power/energy supply in South Africa ahead of the 2010 FIFA Cup.

If you desire to be a partner, then indicate such by responding to this private proposal to receive further details.


Prince Nathan Mboweni
Tel: +27710780349
Fax: +27865711287

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