Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Funeral Songs

I'm writing a scene at a funeral and I wanted a list of the most popular songs played at funerals. Thank heavens for the internet, because in the old days I wouldn't have known where to have started to get that sort of information - maybe I'd have called up an undertaker or my local church.

Anyway, these days all you need is a computer, and within seconds I had found a survey of 5000 Britons carried out on behalf of The Bereavements Register. For anyone who is interested the Top Ten songs requested at funerals in the UK are:

1. Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt
2. Angels - Robbie Williams
3. I’ve Had the Time of My Life - Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley
4. Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler
5. Pie Jesu - Requiem
6. Candle in the Wind - Elton John
7. With or Without You - U2
8. Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton
9. Every Breath You Take - The Police
10. Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers

I went for Candle In The Wind in my scene. Not sure why. The funeral is for Jack Nightingale's mother who has just killed herself.

I'm getting ready for Christmas but still working flat out on the book. I was going to call it DEVILZONE, but I think that gives away the plot too soon, so now I'm thinking about calling it NIGHTINGALE instead. We'll see....

I hope everybody has a great Christmas and that you all get what you want in 2009.


jack purvis said...

I am relatively (very) new to your books. But I included 'Dead Men' in my bundle to read over Christmas and New Year. I'm hooked. I now need to find out if there is an order in which to read your books. The dates of publication should provide a clue. Books I enjoy have first of all to provide me with characters who I can imagine and to whom I can relate. Even the villains.
Gotta go now cos I want to finish 'Dead Men' before guests arrive.
I hope Christmas and the New Year bring you everything that you wish for.
Jack Purvis

Stephen Leather said...

Thanks, Jack! If you go to my website www.stephenleather.com and look at The Books page, you will see all my work in reverse order, ie he most recent book Live Fire at the top and my first, Pay Off, at the bottom. It makes sense to read the Dan Shepherd books in order, but they are all stand-alone stories. I hope you enjoy Dead Men. Live Fire, the sixth in the Dan Shepherd series, should be in the shops in the next couple of weeks. Have a great New Year!