Thursday, July 18, 2019

Promoting A Book With Sockpuppets - Is It Wrong?

There is a school of thought that says writers shouldn't use sock puppets to promote their work. Me, I am ambivalent.  I think this works.

Friday, August 3, 2018

A Sunday Times Bestseller

The new Spider Shepherd thriller Tall Order is now out and made it into the Sunday Times best-seller list. How cool is that?

You can buy Tall Order BY CLICKING HERE

At the moment I'm hard at work on a new standalone thriller - LAST MAN STANDING - and then I'll be starting on the Spider Shepherd book for 2019. Busy, busy, busy!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Great Review For Takedown, My Lex Harper Thriller

Just had an awesome review for TAKEDOWN in The Sun!  TAKEDOWN is  a standalone thriller starring two characters from my Spider Shepherd series - Charlotte Button and Lex Harper.

Well, I say standalone, I have just started writing a second Lex Harper novel - PAYBACK - a fast-paced revenge story that I'm having a lot of fun with. I don't know if my publisher Hodder and Stoughton want a second Lex Harper book but if not I'll happily self publish it. We'll see!

Anywhere, here's the review!


The latest Spider Shepherd book, LIGHT TOUCH, has just been published and already has seven cracking reviews on Amazon!


Amazon have just slashed the price of the LIGHT TOUCH hardback to £7, which is cheap!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

So Far, So Good!

Wow, I can't believe that it's been more than nine months since I posted on this blog. Shame on me. I guess it's because I've been using my Facebook page more to keep readers updated on what I'm doing, but NINE MONTHS!  Wow!

Having said that, it's worth checking out my Facebook page HERE

I've stayed off Twitter for more than a year and haven't regretted it at all. I left at the same time as Stephen Fry. He went back, I didn't. I've noticed a lot of writers do love to Tweet but I still believe it's a waste of time and energy - you either preach to the converted or get attacked by trolls. Either way there are more productive ways of using your time!

And boy, have I been productive!

I've just finished writing the 14th Spider Shepherd book, Light Touch. It'll be in the shops late July but is already available for pre-sale on Amazon HERE

It's a fast-paced read with Spider Shepherd being sent undercover to find out if a cop has gone over to the dark side. It also introduces another SAS character, Matt Standing, who is on a mission of his own in London. The two story lines collide big-time and Shepherd finds himself making some very tough choices!

I've also released half a dozen Jack Nightingale short stories. I love the Nightingale character and hope to have a full-length Nightingale book ready by the end of the year!

I have put nine of the stories in a collection which is now available as a paperback and as an eBook. You can buy it HERE

There are nine short stories in the collection - Still Bleeding, Cursed, Blood Bath, I Know Who Did It, My Name Is Lydia, The Creeper, Children Of The Dark, Tracks and The Undead.  When I have another nine done, I plan to publish them in a second volume!

Yesterday I finished writing another standalone thriller about a female firefighter. Vicky Lewis, who gets badly injured and is moved to fire investigations. It's a fast-paced thriller with some great characters and I had terrific fun writing it. As you can see from the photographs below, I researched the hell out of it!

The book is called BURNT and I hope to get it published later this year!

Durting the last year I also wrote and self-published my soccer thriller, PENALTIES. I had lots of fun writing it, even though I know next to nothing about football.

Here's the blurb -

Premier League footballer Gabe Savage is on the way to one of the most important matches of his life when he gets a phone call from his wife. She has been kidnapped along with their young son. And the message from the kidnappers is brutal - IF YOUR TEAM WINS, YOUR FAMILY DIES. With the kick-off only hours away, there is only one person Gabe can turn to - his brother Ray, a vicious London gangster. But a dark family secret means that he hasn't spoken to Ray for years. Can Ray help? And will he?

How cool is that?  You can buy PENALTIES by clicking HERE

I love the Ray Savage character and might well use him in another book at some point!

Earlier this year Hodder and Stoughton published another standalone thriller of mine, TAKEDOWN, featuring Lex Harper, a character from my Spider books..

It was planned as a series but it doesn't look as if Hodder want more, which is a pity! I might well write more and self-publish them - we'll see!

So what am I working on now? I have started on a new Jack Nightingale short story, The Mansion, which should be ready in a week or two.

I've also just started writing a standalone thriller about two detectives in London investigating a death in a mosque. It's an awesome idea and unfortunately it's so awesome I can say very little about it, I don't normally keep my cards close to my chest but this book is a bit special so mum's the word until it's done and dusted!

Oh, and I have had a Richard Yokely book on the back burner for years now. I've written about 20,000 words but have yet to finish it. This might be the year that I finally do!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Amazon Cuts The Price Of My Self-Published Paperbacks

The wonderful folks at Amazon have decided to slash the prices of most of my self-published paperbacks for UK readers for the month of May.

It's a terrific promotion for those readers who want to hold a real paperback in their hands.

I have self-published the books through Createspace, which is an awesome print-on-demand system which most self-publishers use.

Authors don't make as much money from the POD paperbacks as they do from eBooks but it's worth doing as so many readers do prefer paperbacks to eBooks.

Amazon have chosen six of my paperbacks as part of a May promotion.

New York Night - the latest Jack Nightingale supernatural thriller - is just £5.99 for the month of May - You can buy it - HERE

San Francisco Night - where Jack Nightingale fights demons in San Francisco - is also just £5.99 - You can buy it HERE

The Spider Shepherd SAS short story collections are included in the promotion with Spider Shepherd: SAS Volume 1 now £5.39 now, down from £8.99 - You can buy it HERE

Spider Shepherd: SAS Volume 2 is also £5.39, down from £8.99 - You can buy it HERE

Take Two - my murder mystery set in the world of soap operas -  is also down from £8.99 to £5.39 - You can buy it HERE

My psychological thriller The Bestseller is slashed from £7.99 to £4.79 - You can buy it HERE

Friday, February 26, 2016

First Response - The New Standalone Novel

Amazon has just discounted the hardback price of my new standalone novel First Response to just £8.  That makes it almost a couple of quid cheaper than the eBook. You can buy the hardback HERE

Hodder and Stoughton have set the pricing for the eBook at £9.99 which I actually think is pricey, especially now that the hardback is just £8.

Here's the blurb for the new book, which I think is one of my best:

London is under siege. 
Nine men in suicide vests primed to explode hold hostages in nine different locations around the city, and are ready to die for their cause.
Their mission: to force the government to release jihadist prisoners from Belmarsh Prison. Their deadline: 6 p.m. Today. 
But the bombers are cleanskins, terrorists with no obvious link to any group, and who do not appear on any anti-terror watch list. What has brought them together on this one day to act in this way? 
Mo Kamran is the Superintendent in charge of the Special Crime and Operations branch of the Met. As the disaster unfolds and the SAS, armed police, and other emergency services rush to the scenes, he is tasked with preventing the biggest terrorist outrage the capital has ever known.
But nothing is what it seems. And only Kamran has the big picture. Will anyone believe him?

The wonderful people at Lovereading made First Response their March book of the month and  gave it an awesome review HERE!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Blowing Up A Bus On Lambeth Bridge

I had an amazing time today watching Bond director Martin Campbell blowing up a bus on Lambeth Bridge in London.

Martin is halfway through filming my book The Chinaman, starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan. The bus blowing up is one of the major stunts in the movie and cost more than £300,000.

It could only be done once, obviously, so it was rehearsed several times so that all ten cameras (including one in a helicopter) would capture the shot.

It looked amazing, and my hats are off to the nine stuntmen who were actually on the bus when it exploded! Here's the picture I took!

The explosion was reported on ITV and most newspaper websites carried photographs and video!

This is how ITV reported it -  CLICK HERE

This is how the Daily Mail reported it - CLICK HERE

The Guardian, possibly the worst newspaper in the world IMHO, reported that Londoners were terrified as they thought it was a real terrorist bombing.  Absolute nonsense, of course, but I realised long ago that you can't believe anything in The Guardian. I was there, no one was terrified. And there was plenty of warning as to what was going on.

I saw a lot of the footage taken and it was amazing, truly amazing. Martin Campbell is a genius.

After the explosion I was allowed on to the bridge to inspect the damage with screenwriter David Marconi.

To be honest, there isn't a bus bombing in The Chinaman. I wrote about a bombing at the racecourse at Ascot but they weren't happy about having a bomb there so David wrote a bus bomb scene. I'm glad he did because it's really effective.

What was really cool was that Pierce Brosnan turned up to watch, even though it was his day off. He wandered around in a warm jacket and a baseball cap and was virtually unrecognised! Like the rest of us, he captured the explosion on his phone!

It's going to be a great movie and I'm really looking forward to seeing it on the big screen!